Fundamentals of CoR





Kognent's Chain of Responsibility Fundamentals course is designed to give learners an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Chain of Responsibility Laws.

This course is targeted to those learners requiring an in-depth understanding of the of the Chain of Responsibility Laws - typically from supervisor level and upwards.

Suitable for

Other staff that require in-depth general CoR training.



In-depth look at CoR legislation and the systems businesses must have in place to comply with the HVNL.

There are specific requirements by law which must be implemented into any area which handles, controls, or deals with Heavy Vehicles.

These requirements, such as management systems and controls must be dealt with through all elements highlighted in the Chain of Responsibility laws.

Kognent's Chain of Responsibility Fundamentals Course is designed to deliver in-depth knowledge of all components within CoR and the systems which must be in place to comply with Chain of Responsibility laws.

Course Structure

  1. What is CoR
  2. Target Areas
  3. Roles & Key Responsibilities
  4. Legislation, Breaches & Penalties
  5. Safety Risk Management
  6. Summary/Quiz

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course learners should be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and features of the Chain of Responsibility legislation.
  • Identify who under Chain of Responsibility laws can be held responsible.
  • Identify legislative requirements, breaches and penalties.
  • Understand the concept of “Reasonably Practicable”.
  • Understand the obligations under the HVNL of speed, fatigue, mass & dimension, load restraint and vehicle standards & maintenance.
  • Identify and report Chain of Responsibility Breaches.
  • Understand Safety Risk Management processes.Understand roles and responsibilities in each stage of the Supply Chain.

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